Cost analysis and control. Reviewing your bills insures accuracy and allows us to negotiate with and obtain credits from vendors if errors are found. Terabyte audits have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Disaster recovery services. Assess, design/recommend and implement disaster recovery alternatives for both hardware and network services..

New service plans. Assist with selection of new phone systems, local and long distance services,
network management, cost control programs, data communications, facility planning, and call processing systems.

Evaluate services and equipment. Assess existing circuits and services to determine operational and economic efficiencies. Provide recommendations to ensure seamless integration with your telecom infrastructure.

Manage business relocation. Configure and coordinate the installation of new equipment or the reinstallation of an existing system to ensure a smooth transition.

Supervise vendors. Management and negotiation with vendors to ensure quality service at competitive pricing and to resolve problems or conflicts.

Renegotiate current contracts. Renegotiation guarantees optimum services and value for your investment.

Identify efficiencies. Implement business restructuring such as establishing improved procedures or systems
for incoming call processing or accounting.

Conduct troubleshooting. Identify the source of breakdowns, making sure the correct vendor fixes the problem.

Ongoing advisory services. Periodically review communications issues and provide advice about new products
and services that may enhance or advance your business communications.


Hospitality Connectivity
. Terabyte Consulting specializes in providing communication and broadband solutions
for the hospitality industry. Our wide array of products and services helps the hospitality market generate new revenue streams (in-room connections as add-ons; conventions, meetings, and seminars) at the same time as improving quality of service and controlling or reducing expense.

Government Services. We offer governing bodies a wide array of opportunities to reduce expenses.
Our broad network of solution-based products will help you provide your services more cost-efficiently --
a better value for you and the communities you serve.