Leading the Way.
Terabyte has built a team of project planners, managers, and engineers who can design your
custom-made technology solution. With over 20 years experience in telecom and computer networking — and over
10 years in voice, data, servers and networks — we know where the technology is heading and where it can take you.

Terabyte is your single source, provider-neutral advisor who will conduct all crucial research necessary to
recommend the most optimal technology solutions. By combining the strengths of the best providers into
one, client-specific plan — you’ll get the most cost- effective and efficient system available.

Controlling Costs and Improving Services.
Terabyte can assist you with new or existing phone systems, local/ long distance services, network management,
cost control programs, data communications, facility planning, and call accounting and processing systems.
By assessing existing equipment and services and determining operational and economic efficiencies, we can
recommend improvements that will provide seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Vendor Management.
Terabyte vendor supervision and audits have saved clients thousands of dollars. Let us manage your vendors
directly to ensure quality service at competitive pricing and to resolve problems or conflicts. We can negotiate
contracts for you to guarantee optimum service and value. Let us review your bills to insure accuracy. If errors
are found, we work to obtain the appropriate credits for you.

Unbiased Advisory Services.
Terabyte can periodically review your services, advising you what new or existing products that will enhance
the way you do business.

Found Money.
By working together, we can enhance your services and save you money. This “found money” can be applied
to other areas of your business — essentially expanding your budget.